Elite stone
We are striving to offer the best marble quality for luxury and economical uses
worldwide Exporting
excellence in meeting the different international needs.
High quality Egyptian Marble
We process high quality Egyptian marble and export it worldwide

Elite Stone

We pick you the art of Marble

We are an Egyptian company working in the best types of marble and granite in Egypt.
We provide best selection of natural stones including Granite, Marble. We get the best quality material all over the different quarries of Egypt.
Because we put ourselves in the place of the client we choose him the best always, in terms of cost and good work to get the best work at the best price we offer you advice

Marble Agept is the leading supplier of many national commercial and residential projects. We have a reliable reputation for import, export and distribution of high quality stones.
We also have specialized machines for cutting different sizes of projects at the request of engineers, architects and designers. Marble Egypt Company is the best in prices in all its products and always in competition.